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Review: Discrimination0

Remember Discrimination0? One of the most amazing projects of AEGEE-Dresden that ended last November? The AEGEEan just released an article titled Discrimination0: a Successful Cooperation between AEGEE-Dresden, AEGEE-Lviv and AEGEE-Moskva about it. Find out some more interesting detail about our exchange in it! Once again we want to thank foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ), the Federal Foreign Office and… Read more →

1050 people, one great event: Agora Bergamo 2016

Fly forward was the motto of the great Agora Bergamo, which took place from 18th to 22nd May 2016 in the city of Bergamo in northern Italy. Including all participants, organisers, and helpers, 1050 people were present in Bergamo – with this the aim Agora of the 1000 was clearly reached. All in all agora Bergamo is the top 5… Read more →

From West to east: Crisis in Europa

AEGEE-Dresden followed DresDino to Warszawa! From 5th to 10th May we enjoyed a wonderful exchange with AEGEE-Warszawa and AEGEE-Kyiv in Warszawa. We had five days fully packed with workshops about the refugee crisis, teambuilding and getting to know Ukrainian, Polish and German culture together with the particpants of the other two contries. Now we know more detailed what’s going on… Read more →

Es ist Agora in Kyïv!

Pünktlich wie immer findet im Moment die europäische Vollversammlung von AEGEE statt, die sogenannte Agora. Für die Autumn Agora 2015, die zweite Agora dieses Jahr, wurde AEGEE-Kyïv als Veranstalter gewählt und somit findet die Agora diesmal in der Ukraine statt. Aktuell befinden sich rund 600 AEGEE-Vertreter aus über 100 verschiedenen europäischen Städten in Kyïv. AEGEE-Dresden ist natürlich auch vertreten! Während… Read more →

Global Boomerang Project in Spain

Six AEGEE-Dresden members, together with two members of ESN TU Dresden went to a youth exchange funded by the Erasmus+ Program near Zamora in a small town called Muga de Sayago. We had lots of fun learning about Entrepreneurship and Youth Social Initiatives with the participants from five other countries: Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania and Greece. We had the opportunity… Read more →

Network Meeting Osnabrück: First peek

Last weekend four of our members attended the Network Meeting in Osnabrück called „Europtimism – Rethink your position“! Important matters for the fate, about the identity and the political matters in and around Europe as well as matters of AEGEE were discussed. Also a lot of experience and fun moments were shared! We send a lot of kisses to AEGEE-Osnabrück… Read more →

Network Meeting Aachen: Back to the Bears

AEGEE-Dresden was present at the Network Meeting in Aachen with three of our members! We met 50 young people from all over Europe, got to know each other well, and learned a lot! We also used this event to proudly introduce our new mascot: DresDino! Read more →

Network Meeting Bamberg – Wir waren dabei!

Im wunderschönen Bamberg fand vom 15. bis 18. Mai 2014 das Network Meeting cooperate, develop, act statt. Und wir waren dabei! Drei AEGEEler aus Dresden verschlug es für das verlängerte Wochenende nach Bamberg, um im selbsternannten Herzen Europas viel zu lernen: Die vier Programmtage waren vollgestopft mit Workshops, Diskussionen, Fallstudien und Vorträgen. Read more →