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Share Ideas, Share Cluj – NWM Cluj 2015

Feeling European – something you can’t learn, but experience. That’s why I applied for the Network Meeting Cluj-Napoca in Romania. The topic was about sharing ideas and experience in an international group of AEGEE members from all over Europe. We were a great group, 25 participants from Romania, Bulgaria, Moldova, Serbia, Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Macedonia, Spain and Italy, all eager to share our opinions, ideas and previous experience concerning the work in our local antennae.

Ander, one of the members of this year’s Comité Directeur (the European board of AEGEE), was our trainer during the sessions, just like Tekla from Hungary as the current NetCom...


Golden Times: Hitchhiking to 8 cities in 9 days

The amazing online magazine with stories about AEGEE’s past and present featured one of AEGEE-Dresden’s members in a recent article. You can read a small passage of it here:

GT: From where to where do you go on your hitchhiking trip?
Daniel: I’m making a circle: Dresden-Krakow-Poprad-Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Brno-Katowice-Dresden.

GT: Why did you choose this destination?
Daniel: Checking out central Europe before leaving back to Portugal!

GT: When did you depart this month and when will you arrive?
Daniel: I left on the 22nd and will be back on the 31st – hopefully!

GT: With whom are you travelling?
Daniel: Jura! A Lithuanian girl I met three weeks ago during an Erasmus+ Project in Spain where AEGEE-Dresden participated. We had this crazy idea and just did it!

GT: Tell a ...


Neuer Vorstand 2015-2016

Am 14. November 2015 war es wieder einmal Zeit für die jährliche Mitgliedervollversammlung bei AEGEE-Dresden. Und damit auch für einen neuen Vorstand. Doch vor den Wahlen wurde vom Verein zunächst beschlossen, den Vorstand an sich um zwei Posten zu erweitern. Neu sind eine Members‘ Responsible (Mitgliederverantwortliche) und der Advisor, eine Art erfahrener, eher passiver Berater. Für jeden der zu vergebenden Posten fand sich ein Mitglied, welches jeweils per geheimer Wahl von der Vollversammlung gewählt wurde.

Wir, ...


AEGEE-Dresden demonstrating against Pegida

It is the 9th November 2015. This date has a special meaning in the german history. 77 years ago, the so called Crystal Night took place. Organized and guided by the NS-regime, fascists committed violent actions against Jewish people, their relatives, their flats, their businesses and their holy places: the synagogues. Over 1,000 synagogues were burnt down on German territory, more than 400 people died or were forced into suicide and in this night, it was announced that 30,000 Jewish people should be deported to concentration camps. Historians regard this night as the beginning of the war against the Jews in Germany.

Unfortunately, the 9th of November is a Monday in 2015. And Mondays in Dresden are related to Pegida...


Develop Yourself 2 – Bewerbungsfrist endet bald!

Get what all enterprises look for!

Do you think that University doesn’t teach you everything you need to know to impress a potential employer? Would you like to improve your body language as well as gaining confidence on your pitch skills? Are you interested in becoming a better public speaker? Then you can’t miss this training course!

Develop Yourself 2 is the second edition of one of our most successful events ever. From 10th to 13th of December, you will have:

  • 25 participants from everywhere in Europe
  • 4 days of fun and learning
  • 2 focus areas: self development and presentation skills
  • 1 unique experience
  • 35€ event fee with everything included: all meals, workshops, accommodation with beds, lots of fun, european trainers

To apply, visit