Develop Yourself 2 – Bewerbungsfrist endet bald!

Get what all enterprises look for!

Do you think that University doesn’t teach you everything you need to know to impress a potential employer? Would you like to improve your body language as well as gaining confidence on your pitch skills? Are you interested in becoming a better public speaker? Then you can’t miss this training course!

Develop Yourself 2 is the second edition of one of our most successful events ever. From 10th to 13th of December, you will have:

  • 25 participants from everywhere in Europe
  • 4 days of fun and learning
  • 2 focus areas: self development and presentation skills
  • 1 unique experience
  • 35€ event fee with everything included: all meals, workshops, accommodation with beds, lots of fun, european trainers

To apply, visit