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European Day of Languages: Join our Language Pub Quiz!

When? Thursday, 17th November
Who? Everyone can apply
How? Bring your team or come alone.
Where? Katy’s Garage (Alaunstraße 48 in Dresden-Neustadt)
Free Entrance! Yay!
Deadline to sign up? Monday, 14th November
Sign up? Here!

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AEGEEday 2016: Breaking Borders

You might not have heard of the AEGEE Day before, but it’s time you get to know what it is about. Why? Because on the 13th of April, we are going to celebrate the AEGEE Day together will you all over the Network, from Brussels to Chisinau, from Leiden to Bergamo, and any other city lucky to have an AEGEE antennae.

Get together with other open-minded people and learn what AEGEE is about. In Dresden we will provide an activity related to this years‘ theme of Breaking Borders, something that AEGEE has been doing, is doing and will be doing.

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