Monthly Archives: Oktober 2015

A German-Ukrainian friendship

Today, during Autumn Agora Kyïv, the semi-annual general assembly of AEGEE-Europe, AEGEE-Kyïv and we, AEGEE-Dresden, finally became twin antennae! What does this mean? It means that we intensify our work together. We help each other, we visit each other, we organize things together, even a bit more than before. This is awesome for AEGEE-Dresden, as AEGEE-Kyïv is an immense and… Read more →

Es ist Agora in Kyïv!

Pünktlich wie immer findet im Moment die europäische Vollversammlung von AEGEE statt, die sogenannte Agora. Für die Autumn Agora 2015, die zweite Agora dieses Jahr, wurde AEGEE-Kyïv als Veranstalter gewählt und somit findet die Agora diesmal in der Ukraine statt. Aktuell befinden sich rund 600 AEGEE-Vertreter aus über 100 verschiedenen europäischen Städten in Kyïv. AEGEE-Dresden ist natürlich auch vertreten! Während… Read more →

Develop Yourself 2

Get what all enterprises look for! Do you think that University doesn’t teach you everything you need to know to impress a potential employer? Would you like to improve your body language as well as gaining confidence on your pitch skills? Are you interested in becoming a better public speaker? Then you can’t miss this training course! Read more →