Local Training Course (LTC)

First Peek: Our Local Training Course just started

Take 20 AEGEEans, let them prepare workshops, put them in a house literally somewhere in the middle of nowhere and what do you get? Great discussions, newly lerned skills, inspiration and new set goals for moving forward, renewed contacts, new friendships, and a good amount of fun. Our three-day Local Training Course started this noon with the 20 participants arriving… Read more →

Together to get there vol.2 – Local Training Course 2016

Happy faces after our amazing Local Training Course Together to get there vol.2! Three days from 22nd to 24th April full of workshops, social commitment, and intercultural and nonformal learning (recognized by the OECD) during our stay in Neukirch/Lausitz. A big thank you to all our organizers for making it possible and an even bigger thanks you to our long-term… Read more →

Local Training Course 2015, check!

Do you remember Mohorn? The awesome Erlebnishof in the beautiful middle of nowhere in Saxony? Where the RTC (Regional Training Course) in December took place? Last weekend, AEGEE-Dresden had a great LTC (Local Training Course) about project management, teambuilding and conflict management. 15 AEGEEans and students from TU Dresden took the opportunity to learn many new things and develop themselves.… Read more →