Local Training Course 2015, check!

Do you remember Mohorn? The awesome Erlebnishof in the beautiful middle of nowhere in Saxony? Where the RTC (Regional Training Course) in December took place? Last weekend, AEGEE-Dresden had a great LTC (Local Training Course) about project management, teambuilding and conflict management.

15 AEGEEans and students from TU Dresden took the opportunity to learn many new things and develop themselves. Trainers were well prepared to present interesting workshops about AEGEE, about the tools we use in our work for AEGEE, about teambuilding and project management. We also had a fun night walk with riddles to solve, and the other night we had a party after a really nice barbecue in the garden of the Erlebnishof. Everyone was glad to spend some time in the hammocks on Sunday (in the sun!) after the short night… We were happy that one member of AEGEE-Leipzig joined us, and we all got to know each other quite well that weekend. There was even a workshop about cooking, so we had a delicious three course menue on Saturday :-)

Now everyone is ready to get active in AEGEE-Dresden thanks to the well-organized, enriching and fun Local Training Course.

Written by Viktoria Schwarz