AEGEE-Groningen: Hitchhike to Dresden

Groningen is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands, as well as the name of the surrounding province. Groningen is a student city and also a city with a big AEGEE-Antenna. Quite regularly they organize hitchhiking races to several cities in Europe, with a cultural program and a lot of going on during the day and night being… Read more →

From West to east: Crisis in Europa

AEGEE-Dresden followed DresDino to Warszawa! From 5th to 10th May we enjoyed a wonderful exchange with AEGEE-Warszawa and AEGEE-Kyiv in Warszawa. We had five days fully packed with workshops about the refugee crisis, teambuilding and getting to know Ukrainian, Polish and German culture together with the particpants of the other two contries. Now we know more detailed what’s going on… Read more →

Global Boomerang Project in Spain

Six AEGEE-Dresden members, together with two members of ESN TU Dresden went to a youth exchange funded by the Erasmus+ Program near Zamora in a small town called Muga de Sayago. We had lots of fun learning about Entrepreneurship and Youth Social Initiatives with the participants from five other countries: Spain, Italy, Slovakia, Lithuania and Greece. We had the opportunity… Read more →

Follow DresDino to Wroclaw!

From 4th to 7th of June, a big group of AEGEE-Dresden members followed DresDino, our mascot, to Wrocław. Breslau – that’s the german name of the city – has 630,000 inhabitants and is located in the Lower Silesian province in south western Poland, roughly 280 km away from Dresden. What makes Wrocław special is the fact that it is one of the partner cities of… Read more →

Exchange with AEGEE-Kyїv

20 members of AEGEE-Kyїv came to Dresden for an exchange from 1st to 6th of May. We hosted them and organized a full-time 6-day program for them with many cultural activities, workshops and trips. The focus part of this exchange were the workshops and discussions about the current issues in Ukraine and Active Citizenship. Our guests really enjoyed the time… Read more →

Exchange with AEGEE-Krakow – Main organizer’s words

Our member Max was the main organizer of our exchange with AEGEE-Krakow. We welcomed them in Dresden for four days, and this is what Max said after his first event as main organizer.After a few months in AEGEE it was my turn to organize the exchange between the AEGEE-Dresden and AEGEE-Krakow. I had a lot of support within the group… Read more →

Austausch mit AEGEE-Krakow

Dieses Wochenende hatten wir von AEGEE-Dresden unseren ersten Austausch! Wir bekamen Besuch von 14 super motivierten AEGEEans aus Krakau. Um Ihnen unser geliebtes Dresden ein bisschen näher zu bringen, haben wir für sie unter anderem eine Stadttour, einen Ausflug ins Hygienemuseum und eine Wanderung in der Sächsischen Schweiz organisiert. Natürlich  kam  auch das Abendprogramm nicht zu kurz: Read more →