Exchange with AEGEE-Krakow – Main organizer’s words

Our member Max was the main organizer of our exchange with AEGEE-Krakow. We welcomed them in Dresden for four days, and this is what Max said after his first event as main organizer.After a few months in AEGEE it was my turn to organize the exchange between the AEGEE-Dresden and AEGEE-Krakow. I had a lot of support within the group and everyone shared his or her ideas with me so we had a really nice frame very quick

Within the exchange it was a pleasure to have contact with everyone, all the work was really worth it and mostly everything worked as planned.I hope everyone who participated, enjoyed the event as much as I did. I made my first experience and I am willing to improve myself, keep some aspects of enhancement in mind and help AEGEE-Dresden in the future. And finally thanks to all the people in the background who supported me. You can never create such an event alone. You need a team! And I had the best team I can imagine!
Thank you Daniel, Ingo, Jorge, Laura, Nadja, Philipp, Stefan and Co-Organizer Nora!
 — Adds the fresh member of AEGEE-Dresden

Photo: Max, finally taking a rest, surrounded by AEGEE-Krakow members signing on his T-shirt with their thank you words.