A German-Ukrainian friendship

Today, during Autumn Agora Kyïv, the semi-annual general assembly of AEGEE-Europe, AEGEE-Kyïv and we, AEGEE-Dresden, finally became twin antennae! What does this mean? It means that we intensify our work together. We help each other, we visit each other, we organize things together, even a bit more than before. This is awesome for AEGEE-Dresden, as AEGEE-Kyïv is an immense and strong local (remember, they host the Agora at the moment, a conference with more than 600 participants!), and they asked us to twin already some time ago when we were quite new. They also shared place #3 and #4 with us on the Golden Times list of The Antenna of the Year 2014 (-:

Being twin antennae is a lot more than just a partnership. During the last exchange in Dresden we already held some workshops to gather ideas how we could foster more cooperation and friendship between our members. Many ideas were generated and from then on many things were already done in various video conference meetings. And of course I should not forget to mention that AEGEE-Kyïv has an awesome racoon as mascot since we gave it to our (back then future-) twin antenna during the last exchange (-:

We wish our twinning the best for the future, our members to gain the most possible friendship out of this process and only the best for AEGEE, and for Europe.

Don’t forget to be careful, after all their motto is stillDon’t mess with Kyïv (-;