AEGEE-Dresden demonstrating against Pegida

It is the 9th November 2015. This date has a special meaning in the german history. 77 years ago, the so called Crystal Night took place. Organized and guided by the NS-regime, fascists committed violent actions against Jewish people, their relatives, their flats, their businesses and their holy places: the synagogues. Over 1,000 synagogues were burnt down on German territory, more than 400 people died or were forced into suicide and in this night, it was announced that 30,000 Jewish people should be deported to concentration camps. Historians regard this night as the beginning of the war against the Jews in Germany.

Unfortunately, the 9th of November is a Monday in 2015. And Mondays in Dresden are related to Pegida. Because of the importance of this date, many political parties, companies, networks, private people etc. decided to organize a demonstration to remind people about history and to state that actions like these will never happen again in the German history.

In between all these actors, also AEGEE-Dresden e.V. took position. We announced that we will be joining the demonstration because we can’t accept the position Pegida takes and the violence and hate refugees in Dresden are confronted with. We want to be part of a friendly and open-minded Dresden. Happiness and kindness should be spread among everyone in these days.

AEGEE demonstrating for Human Rights

AEGEE demonstrating for Human Rights

So some AEGEEans and DresDino gathered and joined the demonstration. We met a lot of nice and interested people, who gave us a positive feedback about our action. All in all about 5,000 people from all parts of Dresden came together. We listened to some speeches about the historic date and about the situation concerning Pegida, we walked through the city centre and also held a minute of silence for the victims of this night 77 years ago. In the future, AEGEE-Dresden will continue to support demonstrations and actions against Pegida. Because Pegida already created an atmosphere, where hate and agitation against certain groups in our society, for example refugees, arrived in everydays life. We want an open-minded, welcoming and colorful Dresden and we strive for that aim with all our available means. This question is of utmost importance, and we hope that more persons, organizations and participants of everydays life make a statement and join the discussion   the crisis needs constructive and Europe-wide approaches by everyone possible.

AEGEE-Dresden is against Pegida! AEGEE-Dresden is welcoming refugees to Europe!