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Develop Yourself 2 – Bewerbungsfrist endet bald!

Get what all enterprises look for! Do you think that University doesn’t teach you everything you need to know to impress a potential employer? Would you like to improve your body language as well as gaining confidence on your pitch skills? Are you interested in becoming a better public speaker? Then you can’t miss this training course! Develop Yourself 2… Read more →

RTC Dresden 2014: „Develop Yourself!“

Wir haben es geschafft! Am dritten Adventwochenende hat unser erstes internationales Event stattgefunden! Mit fünf Organisatoren, drei Trainern und zwanzig Teilnehmern aus ganz Europa haben wir unser erstes Workshopwochenende im Erlebnishof Mohorn, nahe Dresden, gemeistert. Read more →