1050 people, one great event: Agora Bergamo 2016

Fly forward was the motto of the great Agora Bergamo, which took place from 18th to 22nd May 2016 in the city of Bergamo in northern Italy. Including all participants, organisers, and helpers, 1050 people were present in Bergamo – with this the aim Agora of the 1000 was clearly reached. All in all agora Bergamo is the top 5 of the biggest of all 61 Agorae – and also the biggest statutory event since the autumn Agora 2006 in Napoli.

AEGEE-Dresden showed up with a magnificent number of nine AEGEEans, including the three delegates we chose democratically during a local plenary meeting to represent us officially and during all voting sessions. And of course our mascot DresDino was also present.

One of our members present at the Agora, Nadja Baumert, describes her impressions about the big event:
I was really impressed by the size of this event. I’ve never in my life met so many young people coming from various countries and actually working productively on the future of our association together. It was unbelievable for me to see how much effort the group from AEGEE-Bergamo put into the organization of this event and after having felt the AEGEE spirit from more than 1000 people, I feel super inspired and motivated to get even more involved in AEGEE now :)

Plenary at Agora Bergamo 2016

Plenary at Agora Bergamo 2016

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