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Did you know the AEGEE Christmas Postcrossing?

Do you like sending and receiving postcards before Christmas? Then you should have a look at our AEGEE Christmas Postcrossing project and participate next year. AEGEE-Warszawa just organized this initiative for the fifth time! It’s easy, you sign up and get the name and address of another person who signed up as well whom you will send a card, while another participant sends a card to you! Hundreds of AEGEEans take part every year, thanks to the project organizers!

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How to: Develop myself!

For the third time the antenna of AEGEE-Dresden organized the event Develop Yourself. As it was my first AEGEE event ever, while not even being a member yet, I didn’t really expect anything in the beginning. I went there hoping to learn something and have a little bit of fun. What an understatement!

In fact I can gladly say: This weekend was one of the best of my life! Spending three days with amazing people from all around Europe, having awesome and fun workshops, and learning important lifehacks, eating tasty (AEGEE-Dresden selfmade) food and having wild parties – that is what Develop Yourself is about!

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Happy International Volunteer Day!

Happy International Volunteer Day for Economic and Social Development to all those people spending their time to make a better world with passion and a smile on!
Thank you for your work!

The International Volunteer Day was introduced by the United Nations in 1985 and is also held offically in Germany every year. It offers an opportunity for volunteer organizations and individual volunteers to make their contributions visible – at local, national and international levels.

As AEGEE-Dresden e.V. is a non-profit association relying solely on the pure voluntary work of our members, we are very proud to have a special day only for them. Once again, thank you and all other voluneers world-wide for all your work!


Develop Yourself 3: First peek

Guess what started today? Yes, volume 3 of our most recognized event Develop Yourself.

This time we had around 80 applications from all over Europe and chose 26 participants to come with us to a 4-day workshop weekend and learn a lot about knowing themselves and selling themselves. Of course the 21 hours of workshops and training will be very exhausting for them, but as a compensation we gave them a short tour through the Christmassy illuminated city of Dresden as started. Of course we included ice-breaking games into the tour to make it interesting for our participants from Dresden as well.


This semester’s Buddy Program has officially started!

Like every semester we, AEGEE-Dresden e.V., organize the Buddy Program Dresden to provide support to first year international, inbound exchange, and newcomer students to the City of Dresden. With this we sustain a long tradition, as we continue what we started as Linkpartner Programm back in 2001 as one of the first International Buddy Programs in Germany. We even won some prices with it. Find some more facts here.

This semester we matched some 200+ Buddies, that are pairs of each an international and a local student. Most of them enrolled at TU Dresden.


New Board 2016-2017

On 16th October 2016 it was once again time for the annual general assembly, Local Agora, of AEGEE-Dresden. And for a new board, because the 12-month term of the old one was over. Again, we will have a board bigger than the required minimum of three persons: The Local Agora decided to add an IT responsible to the board. One member was elected into each position by the members of our nonprofit organization attending the Local Agora through casting secret ballots.

We wish you all the best for your board term, good success in implementing your plans, and sufficient perseverance. You just got the opportunity to experience a super-awesome time within the next year!


European Day of Languages

Did you know that more than 220 languages exist in Europe? No? Then I’ve got another fact for you: Back in 2001 the 26th September – today – was proclaimed to be the European Day of Languages by the Council of Europe.

The European Day of Languages is a yearly event. It celebrates the linguistic diversity of our continent with

  • over 220 European languages,
  • 24 official EU languages,
  • about 60 regional/minority languages,
  • and many more spoken by people from other parts of the world.

European Day of Languages poster of 2016

European Day of L...


How AEGEE made my ERASMUS exchange to Turkey really great

After AEGEE massively fostered the introduction of the ERASMUS programme in the 1980s, the exchange programme is still increasingly popular. As you probably know, not only with AEGEE members. But what is it like to go abroad into other European countries. To find our if it is a special and unique experience, we asked our (returning) member Nora Wehmer to write a short report about her semester in Istanbul in Turkey.

„Kurz zu mir: Ich studiere im achten Semester Elektrotechnik auf Diplom und hatte letztes Semester die Chance, einen Auslandsaufenthalt in Istanbul zu absolvieren. Istanbul. Das ist Europa und Orient in einem und, meiner Meinung nach, die wohl interessanteste Stadt für einen Erasmus-Aufenthalt, die man sich aussuchen kann...


1 Summer, 2.181 Awesome Experiences (Update)

Where have you been this summer? Hopefully, you were among the 2.818 AEGEEans that traveled through Europe and attended one of the Summer University organized by 101 AEGEE locals this year.

As every year, you had the possibility to go to many locations like A Coruna, Aachen, Adana, Agrigento, Alicante, Amsterdam, Athina, Athina, Bakı, Bakı, Bamberg, Barcelona, Beograd, Berlin, Bilbao, Bratislava, Brescia, Brno, Bucureşti, Budapest, Burgos, Cagliari, Çanakkale, Castelló, Catania, Chişinău, Cluj-Napoca, Cosenza, Cosenza, Delft, Eindhoven, Eindhoven, Eskişehir, Firenze, Gdańsk, Genova, Gliwice, Groningen, Heidelberg, Helsinki, Ioannina, Istanbul, Izmir, Katowice, Köln, Kragujevac, Kraków, Kyïv, Las Palmas, Leiden, León, Leuven, Ljubljana, Lviv, Maastricht, Madrid, Mağusa, Maribor,...


Applications open: Autumn Agora Chişinău 2016

We are happy to announce that the applications for our second general assembly of 2016, the Autumn Agora 2016, are now open. The Agora will happen in Chişinău this time and will take place from 12th till 16th October 2016.

The application system will close on 14th August, so please make sure to apply on time.

You can find some more info about the organizers from AEGEE-Chişinău and their plans about the Agora in this article of the AEGEE magazine Golden Times.