AEGEE-Dresden’s 3rd Anniversary! How time flies!

On 26th of March 2014 – already more than three years ago – our beautiful antenna called AEGEE-Dresden was founded! Now, a long time full of work and fun after, we celebrated AEGEE-Dresden’s third year of existing! Horray!

For that very merry reason some of our members visited the Kletterpark Bühlau on the very sunny afternoon of last Sunday. Brave and adventurous they climbed, flew and, struggled to successfully get through the parcours. Luckily no one fell from a tree and we could happily get home safe – to celebrate our anniversary with 15 of our members!

DresDino enjoys his cake

Here we walked down the memory lane and listened not only to the old fun stories of our longer members but also enjoyed to share the more recent experiences and hopes of the newbies. Besides that we enjoyed tasty food and music – and, of course, our delicious self-made AEGEE-Dresden cake! Even DresDino took a bite!

All in all everyone had a lot of fun, learning much about our three years of history and sharing thoughts and love.

Let’s look forward to the next three years of AEGEE-Dresden!

Glorious adventurers at the Kletterpark

Survivors at the end of the night of our third birthday party