How to: Develop myself!

For the third time the antenna of AEGEE-Dresden organized the event Develop Yourself. As it was my first AEGEE event ever, while not even being a member yet, I didn’t really expect anything in the beginning. I went there hoping to learn something and have a little bit of fun. What an understatement!

In fact I can gladly say: This weekend was one of the best of my life! Spending three days with amazing people from all around Europe, having awesome and fun workshops, and learning important lifehacks, eating tasty (AEGEE-Dresden selfmade) food and having wild parties – that is what Develop Yourself is about!

We started our weekend with an informative walk through Dresden, while visiting of course the famous christmas market and enjoying a Glühwein. The next three days (after getting up to some energetic wake up music every morning) we spent with our lovely trainers from Estonia and Spain. They taught us about getting to know ourselves, how to give feedback, solve conflicts, improvise, getting a job and much much more. Looking back I am convinced that all participants were able to learn something new here, hopefully developing themselves!

Group picture of the participants of Develop Yourself 3

Group picture of the participants of Develop Yourself 3

As a conclusion I am very happy that I was able to take part in this awesome event and of course I had to join AEGEE right away! Hence, don’t miss Develop Yourself 4 next year!

Written by Antonia von Richthofen (Member of AEGEE-Dresden since December 2016)