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Each ending is also the start of something new! – Introduction of the partly new partly experienced board

Changes have occurred in the current board of AEGEE-Dresden! After the Local Agora on 12th of January we are happy to introduce our new faces, new positions, interesting projects and great ideas that are going on! The newly elected, as well as the experienced board members have revealed their thoughts about the résumé of the previous semester, pending events and about expectations as well as motivations for the upcoming semester.

How to: Develop myself!

For the third time the antenna of AEGEE-Dresden organized the event Develop Yourself. As it was my first AEGEE event ever, while not even being a member yet, I didn’t really expect anything in the beginning. I went there hoping to learn something and have a little bit of fun. What an understatement!

In fact I can gladly say: This weekend was one of the best of my life! Spending three days with amazing people from all around Europe, having awesome and fun workshops, and learning important lifehacks, eating tasty (AEGEE-Dresden selfmade) food and having wild parties – that is what Develop Yourself is about!

We st...


My impression of Develop Yourself 2

It was second time that the lovely antenna of AEGEE Dresden organized the event Develop yourself! vol.2 in a little village nearby Dresden. Before we arrived, I did not have any special expectations, because it was the first time taking part in a bigger AEGEE event for me.

This weekend was one of the best in my life. Believe me I am not exaggerating. Why?
First, it was a beautiful silent place, good to come down and get to know the other people fast. The organizers did a great job creating an atmosphere, which made the participants feel welcome and comfortable. We had great food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the breaks in-between. They even cooked twice for the ones with allergies and special wishes.

Second for sure the workshops...


Develop Yourself 2 – Main organizer’s words

During the last weekend, AEGEE-Dresden offered the training course Develop Yourself 2 for motivated AEGEEans and students from Dresden. From Thursday to Sunday, 24 people from 11 different countries could experience some AEGEE spirit right before the Christmas time and of course, develop themselves!

After the event finished and the main organizer, Nico Westerbeck, could get some sleep, he tells us how the event went and how it is to organize such an event.

Nico, this was your first event for AEGEE-Dresden as a main organizer. How and when did you get this important position?
Nico: The old board started an open call for the organizing team of this year’s Develop Yourself, and I thought that would be a great possibility...


Golden Times: Hitchhiking to 8 cities in 9 days

The amazing online magazine with stories about AEGEE’s past and present featured one of AEGEE-Dresden’s members in a recent article. You can read a small passage of it here:

GT: From where to where do you go on your hitchhiking trip?
Daniel: I’m making a circle: Dresden-Krakow-Poprad-Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Brno-Katowice-Dresden.

GT: Why did you choose this destination?
Daniel: Checking out central Europe before leaving back to Portugal!

GT: When did you depart this month and when will you arrive?
Daniel: I left on the 22nd and will be back on the 31st – hopefully!

GT: With whom are you travelling?
Daniel: Jura! A Lithuanian girl I met three weeks ago during an Erasmus+ Project in Spain where AEGEE-Dresden participated. We had this crazy idea and just did it!

GT: Tell a ...


“AEGEE is one of the best things that happened in my life.”

Dieses Zitat ist im Artikel Europa vereinigt sich in der aktuellen Ausgabe der ad rem, der unabhängigen Hochschulzeitung Dresden, zu finden.

(Update: Seit September 2016 existiert ad rem nicht mehr, daher ist der Originalartikel nicht mehr direkt online abrufbar. Über ist eine Kopie abrufbar: Europa vereinigt sich)

Im Artikel wird ein Blick auf die Gründung AEGEEs in Dresden und das Buddy-Programm geworfen.

Die digitale Version des Print-Magazins gibt es hier als PDF zum Download.