My impression of Develop Yourself 2

It was second time that the lovely antenna of AEGEE Dresden organized the event Develop yourself! vol.2 in a little village nearby Dresden. Before we arrived, I did not have any special expectations, because it was the first time taking part in a bigger AEGEE event for me.

This weekend was one of the best in my life. Believe me I am not exaggerating. Why?
First, it was a beautiful silent place, good to come down and get to know the other people fast. The organizers did a great job creating an atmosphere, which made the participants feel welcome and comfortable. We had great food for breakfast, lunch, dinner and all the breaks in-between. They even cooked twice for the ones with allergies and special wishes.

Second for sure the workshops. We had two professional trainers from Estonia and Spain, who were putting a lot of effort to make us realize, who we are and how to use our strengths and weaknesses. Furthermore, we got many advices for job interviews and general public speaking skills, so that there was always something, everybody could use in their lives.

The workshops I liked the most were called Be water my friend and Tic tac tic tac. The first one was about improvisation and we had a lot of fun doing the different exercises together. The second one was about time management and even if I already knew most of the things, the way the trainers recommended it was good to get a visualization and an overview about the different strategies.

The participants of Develop Yourself 2

The participants of Develop Yourself 2

Last, but not least, there are the little happenings in the evening. First night we had the black tie party, where everybody dressed up as fancy, as they were comfortable with and danced like there is no morning. The ones of us, who did not know it, became friends with some sexy tequila and we had a lot of fun. Wild party was the second evening event we had and a lot of us met their inner animals. The last night was for sure the European night and since it was my first one ever, I was really impressed by all the variety of food and drinks from all over Europe. That is how a great weekend with many inspiring people from everywhere in Europe ended. I just can recommend taking part and get an own impression of this wonderful experience.

Written by Katharina Schwerdt (Member of AEGEE-Dresden since October 2015)