General Assembly and new board

On 9th April 2017 it was once again time for the a general assembly, Local Agora, of AEGEE-Dresden. One of our board members moved to Cluj/Romania recently for an Erasmus year and therefore resigned from his position. Honestly we think that AEGEE-Cluj-Napoca made him an offer he could not reject. Jan-Philipp is our newest board member, he will fulfill his position External Relations perfectly.

We wish you all the best for your board term, good success in implementing your plans, and sufficient perseverance. You just got the opportunity to experience a super-awesome time within the next year!

But not only did our members during the Local Agora chose a new board member, they also elected a new financial auditor. This was needed as one of our old financial auditors also went to have an Erasmus year, in Gävle/Sweden. Somehow our members like traveling and living abroad a bit too much, maybe.

To promote traveling still a bit more we also chose three delegates that will represent us, AEGEE-Dresden, in the next general assembly of all AEGEEans, the Agora, this time in Enschede/Netherlands end of May.