Big demo Herz statt Hetze: Join us on Monday (17th Oct 16:00)

Freedom. Equality. Humanity.

We will do it!

By now the hatred has been celebrated on Dresden’s streets for two years almost every week by PEGIDA. A year ago, on the first birthday of PEGIDA, we set a sign against this hustle and bustle together with more than 20.000 people from Dresden during our PEGIDA counter-demonstration.

Pegida has lost weight but the social damage remains. It is part of the everyday life, because of a different appearance to be countered. It is not uncommon that people who help refugees are openly challenged and threatened. It is a sad reality that people who do not allow racist attacks to be made are rendered criminals. Freedom, equality, humanity are in danger.

AEGEE demonstrating for Human Rights

AEGEE demonstrated for Human Rights before

On Monday, 17th October, we want to join the main demonstration Herz statt Hetze (literally Heart instead of race baiting) for freedom, equality, and humanity again. As members of an international association with friends in more than 40 European countries and organizers of the Buddy Program Dresden to help Internationals newly settling in Dresden, we feel the urge to participate. And to bring our friends. And their friends. Come and join us on Monday like you did before!

We will meet at TU Dresden in front of HSZ at 16:00.

For freedom. For equality. For humanity.

Routes of Demonstration Herz statt Hetze 17th October 2016

Routes of Demonstration Herz statt Hetze 17th October 2016