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AEGEE-Groningen: Hitchhike to Dresden

Groningen is the largest city in the north of the Netherlands, as well as the name of the surrounding province. Groningen is a student city and also a city with a big AEGEE-Antenna. Quite regularly they organize hitchhiking races to several cities in Europe, with a cultural program and a lot of going on during the day and night being in the visited city.

Next weekend, 3rd to 5th of June, a group of 16 AEGEEans from AEGEE-Groningen is coming to Dresden. Well, 16 if all of them arrive, otherwise a few less…

What’s the plan?
After arriving on Friday and maybe joining us for our regular Ice Cream Test they will sleep the first night at their hosts‘ places from AEGEE-Dresden...


Golden Times: Hitchhiking to 8 cities in 9 days

The amazing online magazine with stories about AEGEE’s past and present featured one of AEGEE-Dresden’s members in a recent article. You can read a small passage of it here:

GT: From where to where do you go on your hitchhiking trip?
Daniel: I’m making a circle: Dresden-Krakow-Poprad-Budapest-Bratislava-Vienna-Brno-Katowice-Dresden.

GT: Why did you choose this destination?
Daniel: Checking out central Europe before leaving back to Portugal!

GT: When did you depart this month and when will you arrive?
Daniel: I left on the 22nd and will be back on the 31st – hopefully!

GT: With whom are you travelling?
Daniel: Jura! A Lithuanian girl I met three weeks ago during an Erasmus+ Project in Spain where AEGEE-Dresden participated. We had this crazy idea and just did it!

GT: Tell a ...