A Very Bunny Day – Our Buddy Program’s Easter Brunch

Visitors of Dresden’s famous baroque parkway Großer Garten got a special view this past Easter Saturday: A large group of young people throwing balls at a meadow. The game of egg throwing – a typical German Easter tradition – was part of this year’s Buddy Program Easter Brunch we prepared for those taking part in our Buddy Program and staying in Dresden over last weekend, the Easter weekend.

The Buddy Program is an initiative of AEGEE-Dresden, bringing together local and international students alike to support international exchange and create a forum for guest students to get to know locals. Therefore international and German students are matched to establish personal contacts, while several events throughout the semester offer an opportunity to connect with the large group – like this year’s Easter Brunch.

Around noon the first half of our participants gathered in front of the Palais in Großer Garten. The participants were asked beforehand to prepare and bring typical Easter dishes from their countries – only if they have Easter traditions in their culture of course. So the event could start with a joined meal from a very colorful buffet of Easter dishes from different countries where everybody strengthened oneself for the tasks that lay ahead. Before embarking on a typical Easter egg hunt, the group took some bunnily pictures.

Group picture at Easter Brunch 2017

The group then got a lot bigger as the second half of the participants arrived, joining for the Easter egg hunt. Altogether they went on an adventurous journey through the forests of the park to retrieve the small chocolate eggs hidden there. This task was masterly solved through amazing teamwork and generous sharing, so in the end every participant held a couple of sweet prizes in his or her hands.

The Egg Throwing contest

With that, the real challenge still lay ahead: The Egg Throw! In this game the participants had to show off their targeting skills with a throwing tool of their choice that was supposed to hit the middle of three egg-formed circles on the ground. This task proved to be more difficult than expected and attracted even some guest visitors trying their luck. After an exciting run-off the winners took home a giant chocolate egg and a chocolate lamb. The event ended with a spontaneous game of volleyball.

Explaining how eggs are typically hunted.

What score did she get in our Egg Throwing Contest?

AEGEE-Dresden thanks everybody for coming and enjoying the day with us, we will for sure be able to repeat an event like this for next year’s Easter!