Apply now: Discrimination Zero

Discrimination is a big issue in this world’s society. The aim of the ukrainian-german exchange is to call young people’s attention to the reasons and to possibilities to tackle this problem. The project includes two parts: One in Lviv, Ukraine from 2nd to 7th October and one in Dresden, Germany from 17th to 22nd November. Register here to join the group of Russian, Ukrainian and German participants!

What is discrimination about? Who is affected and what are the reasons? What does discrimination in other countries look like? How can we contribute to fight against the degradation of the LGBT-community, of disabled persons, of political opponents? How does it feel like to not fit into the usual classification and how can our society celebrate this individuality?

The aim of the Robert Bosch Stiftung and its program MEET UP! Deutsch-ukrainische Jugendbegegnungen is to connect and to motivate the youth to become active. The meeting provides many thematic discussions, workshops and activities to strengthen the intercultural cooperation and creativity that are necessary to make a change.

If you want to participate in the exchange, you have to notice that

  • you need to have a german residence (so you do not need to be german)
  • priority will be given to persons that will join in both parts
  • the fee for the project is 30€
  • travel costs up to 180€ will be reimbursed

Get more information here and do not hesitate to apply here!