Daily Archives 17. Mai 2017

Watch now: The Art of the Possible

The Art of the Possible is a 2017 documentary film about AEGEE directed by Luca Giazzi, written by Raquel Corbálan Fernández, produced by Luca Giazzi and CQ Procesmanagement.

After we had the premiere in Dresden and Berlin with the Italian director of the movie attending, this awesome movie is finally available online!

Check it out and learn about how AEGEE changed the lives of 5 travelers:

The Art of the Possible tells the story of 5 travelers that have one thing in common. They are people whose lives have been changed forever because of that common thing. It takes a 10000 kilometers trip across Italy, Germany, France, Spain, Ukraine, Russia and United States to tell such a story.

This documentary film explains how people can value Europe’s diversity, cooperation between di...