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European Day of Languages: Join our Language Pub Quiz!

When? Thursday, 17th November
Who? Everyone can apply
How? Bring your team or come alone.
Where? Katy’s Garage (Alaunstraße 48 in Dresden-Neustadt)
Free Entrance! Yay!
Deadline to sign up? Monday, 14th November
Sign up? Here!

You w...


What’s the Estonian word for “to shelter from the rain”?

No, it is not Dies Academicus. But almost, as this year’s Dies Academicus, where most campus groups from TU Dresden present themselves with an exhibition, was ended by by heavy showers.

Nonetheless AEGEE-Dresden had many visitors today who could learned a lot about what we do, both in Dresden and also in Europe. And of course we ourselves enjoyed it too because we met a lot of new students and had cookies and cakes that DresDino one of our members baked for us to support us at the booth (-:

And t...