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New Board for our Institute for International Student Affairs

On 31st May 2016 a new board for our Institute for International Student Affairs was elected by the General Assembly.

The Institute of International Student Affairs (IISA) is our umbrella organization at TU Dresden jointly operated with our partner organization ESN Dresden.

Our congratulations to the new board of IISA for the term 2016/2017: Caro, Philipp und Ronja!


First party of the semester: Culture Shock Party (Erasmus Party, 8th October)

It’s again that time of the year… University is about to start, but this time you’re in a new country! Let’s start the semester right and party until the sun raises.
Come with your friends, or alone! This is the first party of the year, so let’s break the ice and get to know the new Erasmus crew (-;

Find more info here.

This party is proudly brought to you by our team from ESN Dresden and AEGEE-Dresden.


Neuer Vorstand für unser Institut für Internationale Studentische Angelegenheiten

Gestern wurde ein neuer Vorstand für die Dachorganisation IISA von AEGEE-Dresden e.V. und der Erasmus-Initiative Dresden e.V. an der TU Dresden gewählt. Gratulation an den neuen Vorstandsvorsitzenden Christian Bellmann und die neue Vizevorständin Nadja Baumert!


IISA: Teambuilding BBQ together with ESN

Yesterday we fully enjoyed out teambuilding event we held together with ESN Dresden, our partner organization in Dresden. Together with them we run the Institute for International Students‘ Affairs, our institute at TU Dresden.

We used this informal meeting to get to know each other better and share a lot of new ideas for better work and activities in Dresden.


Neuer Partner in Dresden: ESN

Seit gestern bildet AEGEE-Dresden zusammen mit dem Erasmus Student Network Dresden das Institut für Internationale studentische Angelegenheiten (IISA) der TU Dresden. Damit tritt AEGEE-Dresden weiter in die Fußstapfen der Hochschulgruppe LinkPartnerProgramm, aus welcher heraus das Buddy-Programm zur Betreuung internationaler Studenten in Dresden entstand.