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Review: Discrimination0

Remember Discrimination0? One of the most amazing projects of AEGEE-Dresden that ended last November? The AEGEEan just released an article titled Discrimination0: a Successful Cooperation between AEGEE-Dresden, AEGEE-Lviv and AEGEE-Moskva about it. Find out some more interesting detail about our exchange in it! Once again we want to thank foundation Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ), the Federal Foreign Office and… Read more →

1 Summer, 2.181 Awesome Experiences (Update)

Where have you been this summer? Hopefully, you were among the 2.818 AEGEEans that traveled through Europe and attended one of the Summer University organized by 101 AEGEE locals this year. As every year, you had the possibility to go to many locations like A Coruna, Aachen, Adana, Agrigento, Alicante, Amsterdam, Athina, Athina, Bakı, Bakı, Bamberg, Barcelona, Beograd, Berlin, Bilbao,… Read more →

Applications open: Autumn Agora Chişinău 2016

We are happy to announce that the applications for our second general assembly of 2016, the Autumn Agora 2016, are now open. The Agora will happen in Chişinău this time and will take place from 12th till 16th October 2016. The application system will close on 14th August, so please make sure to apply on time. You can find some… Read more →

AEGEE-Dresden e.V. im AEGEEan

Im AEGEEan, dem Online-Magazin von AEGEE, ist ein Artikel über AEGEE-Dresden erschienen. Inhaltlich dreht sich der Artikel um die Entstehung von AEGEE-Dresden e.V., geplante Events und die Zusammenarbeit mit unter anderem AEGEE-Erfurt, AEGEE-Leipzig und AEGEE-München. Der Artikel ist über diesen Link zu erreichen. Read more →