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Plan your autumn, it is time for Network Meetings!

We are happy to announce the hosting antennae of the next round of Network Meetings happening between 15th September and 4th December 2016! You can start thinking about which Network Meeting you want to apply for and make your plans for autumn. It will be a busy end of the year for everybody.

AEGEE-Ploiesti, AEGEE-Cagliari, AEGEE-Manchester, AEGEE-Barcelona, AEGEE-Zielona-Gora, AEGEE-Beograd, AEGEE-Leiden, AEGEE-Aachen, AEGEE-Ankara, AEGEE-Movska and the Network Commission are waiting for you in order to build the Network of the future!

Apply now via the portal for European events on the AEGEE intranet!


100% AEGEE inside: AEGEE-Dresden

Seit gerade sind wir, AEGEE-Dresden e.V., eine Contact Antenna von AEGEE. Nachdem wir bisher nur den Status eines Contact inne hatten, haben wir mit dem Unterzeichnen der Convention d’Adhésion auf der AGORA in Cagliari/Sizilien ein Statusupgrade erhalten (-:

Und d...