Develop Yourself 5 – Signup

Get what all enterprises look for! What are the skills you are missing in your daily life? What are companies looking for? And how could you, a potential employee, impress them? Maybe you want to improve in public speaking. Maybe your time management could be better. And maybe you still want to master the right body language while talking in front of a crowd, or gain the self-confidence to improvise in an unknown situation.
Already for the fifth time we offer this special training course to a group of German and European students. You will work in a multicultural team and take part in many workshops to different topics referring to the two focus areas self development and presentation skills, learning about your own borders and possibilities. And of course you can expect a lot of fun and a great social program in the evenings!
The event fee of 30€ will include all meals, the workshops, accommodation with beds and our European trainers.

Here you can apply for our awesome event.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact or!