Celebrating 30 years of Schengen Agreement: Europe on Track

We’re travelling just everywhere – We’re feeling free! Celebrating 30 years of ‪Schengen‬ Agreement which certainly put Europe on the right track.

Europe on Track is the title of a song by AEGEE’s FAME project and also the official title song of AEGEE’s Europe on Track 2 project. Europe on Track 1, by the way, won the Europäischen Jugendkarlspreis 2013 (European Charlemagne Youth Prize). This prize is annually awarded by the European Parliament to young people who have contributed towards the process of European integration.

The chorus of the song contains 19 different European languages:
Europe on track – Yeah, granice sunt weg.
Matkaamme per bütün Europa.
Siamo u τρένο – Határok, farväl!
Viajando het život ir belle.
Então, просто join!

Find a version with full written lyrics here:

Music produced by Wessel Reijers & Benek Fajn. Song written by Benjamin Feyen. Video clip edited by Ksenia Lupanova & Benjamin Feyen.