A new board: the people and their visions behind it

The new board of AEGEE-Dresden worked their way through the first weeks of new responsibilities and experiences. But who are the people behind the positions that we know as President, Secretary, Treasurer and PR-Responsible who will shape the future of this Antenna?

Let’s start out with the President Jens Oehlen. The industrial engineer is from now on in charge of external affairs and the general representation of our antenna. He’s a fantastic example for the fact that motivation and engagement has nothing to do with an eternally long membership. The past months as an active member really made me grow fond of the whole project – the best condition for an initiative development! What means AEGEE to him that he wants to dedicate this term to the organization? Next to actively contributing to society and the future of Europe (…) it does also include a circle of very close friends. Thus his ambition is to extend this network of friends by recruiting new members. Of course the idea of Europe constitutes the heart of AEGEE which he wants to promote through more (Europe-focused) events and a stronger inclusion of projects concerning Civic Education. And how will he be able to chair the organization? For that Jens quotes the infamous Game of Thrones character Tyrion Lannister self-consciously I drink and I know things.

Danuta Lascu - the new Secretary

Danuta Lascu – the new Secretary

Who’s next? Danuta (Daniela) Lascu! As the Secretary she will enrich the board with a lot of experience and international orientation since she’s a member of ESN TU Dresden as well. To make up her studies in biology and to broaden her horizon she regards AEGEE as the chance to talk to people about politics, human rights, diversity and as the possibility to get to know amazing people and develop my soft skills, so now I would like to give this chance to others. To do so and to make people think bigger, Dana wants to draw students attention to AEGEEs power to bring new things for the European society. Since this is not only the business of AEGEEans, she plans to include other student associations as well to carry on this vision altogether. And what will support her to achieve this? Young, open-minded people and her mantra Be the change you want to see in the world.

Lukas Herzog - the new Treasurer

Lukas Herzog – the new Treasurer

Now the time for our treasurer has come. The wide field of finances will be the job of Lukas Herzog, the freshest member of AEGEE-Dresden. Although he spotted our organization and his keen interest for it just now, the prospective teacher for English and Politics found a possibility to use time for the benefit of others by working hard for the idea of Europe while keeping fun and enthusiasm in mind. He imagines to master all challenges and projects in an amicable spirit, where no one shall be left by themselves thus learn quickly, perform well, make friends and have fun. Shouldn’t be a problem when Lukas follows his maxim to Do what you love and love what you do.

Antonia von Richthofen - the new PR-Responsible

Antonia von Richthofen – the new PR-Responsible

Last but not least we will explore what the slogan Aim for the moon. If you miss it you may hit a star. has to do with the PR-Responsible, Antonia von Richthofen. As a communication scientist she seems to be totally predestined to care for public relations! Again, friendship is one of her main aspects of AEGEE (what a board full of harmony and love) next to making a change for Europe and for the people around us. And this change is only in that case reachable when there are people who give others an understanding of possible implementations and care about an experience transfer. And that’s why Antonia wants to use her board term to enforce young people to discuss about the european idea while getting them active and more happy with what they are doing. But next to this wide, european level there’s also a smaller, personal level that plays a major role for her . Since AEGEE is a student organization, its main purpose is to make students explore what they are able to achieve while developing themselves constantly. Therefore members like Antonia benefited a lot when they first entered AEGEE, which is why she wants to try and give something back in order for others to experience all this as well.And that’s what all members of the new board seem to pursue by making use of their free time to bring AEGEE-Dresden and the vision of a borderless and free Europe forward. We wish the best for these ideas and their implementation!